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About the choir

Con Amore is a mixed amateur choir with approximately 40 singers distributed on four vocal groups. Our members live in the Oslo region.

Our conductor is Jon Berg Eriksen.

Jon Berg Eriksen is one of the country's youngest professional conductors, and he is also a skilled singer, in ensembles and as a soloist. He has always had a great breadth in genres, but has a penchant for romantic music and early jazz. In June 2018, he completed a four-year bachelor's degree in choral conducting at the Norwegian Academy of Music, and is currently working on his master's degree. As a conductor, he has gained a wealth of experience despite his young age and is perceived as direct, welcoming and safe. He is a natural educator with high competence and good mood. In recent years, he has focused on working with equal voices, especially male voices, and through work with, among others, the Mann Quartet Tre Skjeggete Menn, Sandvikens Mandskor and Drøbak mannskor gained a lot of knowledge about what creates a holistic choir sound, with young as well as with older voices. He has also worked and works as a singing teacher, and has taught conducting as a substitute teacher in high school at Oslo By Steinerskole. He is now also building up a repertoire of his own arrangements and original written music for choir.

Social events

Social events are important to us. We try to arrange a tour every second year. In 2015 we went to Budapest and the previous tours went to Berlin, Toscana and Bergen. In june 2017 we are going on a tour to Krakow. We also go out of town on a weekend seminar every year.

Origin of the choir 

Con Amore started in 1969 with a group of singers from Oslo Youth Choir who reached the age of retirement from that choir at an age of 33.

Several conducters have made extraordinary contributions to the choir.Our first conductor was Tor Skauge. He conducted Con Amore for many decades. He was followed for a short period by Aage Bjartaas. Eirik Sørborg was our conductor from 1997 to 2002, and Ida Baalsrud was our conductor from 2002 until Egil Fossum took over in 2012. Our present conductor, Jon Berg Eriksen,

started working with Con Amore August 2020.

When and where do we rehearse?

Every Thursday from 7:00 pm until 9:30 pm in the church rooms next to Nordberg Church, Kringsjågrenda 1, Oslo.

Would you like to join us?

If you have experience from other choirs we hope you will join us!

Currently we are especially looking for sopranos and male voices, but everybody is invited to contact us.


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